Nah really what the fuck is

Founded in early 2021 is a brand looking to take over the world with simplistic designs that depict the struggles and obsessions that come with the punx life. Clothing designed to piss off and confuse everyone around you while showing that youre the mf in the room with the best taste.

Starting with strictly white t shirts and hand printed designs, now offers a wide variety of products, at the highest quality, that covering all of the essentials needed in order to swag the fuxk out.

Each exclusive drop is paired with custom curated content by, seeming to come from some place in the backrooms where has their signature models and creative team locked up, working non stop. is working to raise the barrier to entry for these other lame ass clothing brands and show that no, not everyone can do this shxt. You actually have to create art and be dedicated to the craft, the art, and your fans. is set to debut their newest, biggest and best collection this summer titled " 003 ". The first collection from their numbered serious in almost two years. The collection follows the fuxked up mind and weird life of the brands anonymous head designer through the two years leading up to the collection. 

see you then. n die stupid fuxk.