We finally got a new D. Savage project after more than 2 years. After hanging on to leaks and snippets for a while we were blessed with BPL. We really enjoyed a lot of tracks off of his 2019 album ‘Trust No One’ like She Ready, Pill, and WYTD. With all the hype surrounding this album we are happy to say he delivered a very solid project in BPL. In this project we see a new side of D. Savage. While a lot of the bars are the usual leaned out drug raps, we see a lot of actual emotion coming out of him. We personally prefer more melodic songs out of him and this album has lots of slower vulnerable moments on it. In the past we have been hit or miss with full length projects from him but this album was enjoyable throughout the whole ride. First listen was super enjoyable and the more we listen the better it gets. 


HIGHLIGHTS :Canton native K Suave verse on ‘Bring me Down’ with a solid chorus from Matt Ox who has been on so many underground projects this year.

Interesting drill type beat on ‘My Very Best’ with a solid feature from TonyShhnow

Crazy melodies throughout the entire album which is his strong point in my opinion 


seemingly low budget mixing and production throughout the whole project which really takes away from a lot of the songs. Some songs don’t have a solid structure to them which is needed when the production is lacking

Lil Gnar gave a horrible feature which ruined the song he was on

Features were nothing to write home about 



Feel Important Turn it up

Don’t U Change (Single) Stick n the trunk ft Lil Gnar

Don’t go (Leak)

Bring Me Down



We really enjoyed this album for what it was. Super melodic with less corny bars than previous projects. We really enjoyed a majority of this project despite some questionable mixing. Definitely could finish in my top 10 albums of the year which is saying a lot because this year has been amazing for music. 


RATING : Solid 7/10

Written by Carter Hockin @carterhockin on ig

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