NO FUTURE MEDIA : DEATH MAGAZINE weekly : volume 1UPCOMING RELEASES :Last Friday there was a huge sale for everything that was left on the site. There isn't very much left now and the products that are currently available will never be restocked so if you're interested in them make sure you get them before its too late. We are getting in tons of new products very soon and will have a drop most likely in the next two week consisting of very rare t-shirts that were made exclusively during the production of 002. The next drop to follow will likely be a large one of one collection that includes a wide variety of pieces including tees, hoodies and flannels. There are numerous other drops getting prepared but that will be discussed at a later date.ESSENTIALS COLLECTION : We have been getting a lot of questions about restocking the OG PUNX TEE in both black and white as well as a restock on the PUNX HOODIE and those are coming. Due to the high demand of those products we chose them first to have them professionally manufactured. Once they were completely sold out we put in a large order of these products and they will be added to the website in the near future once the quality is approved. We will look to have these in stock indefinitely along with the DESTROY TEE which will be restocked soon as well. Due to the fact that these tees are now professionally manufactured there will be a small but final price rise on the shirts and hoodie. This will be the final price rise on our products and the pricing for future releases will be consistent. The pricing will be selected based on the category of the product, those prices along with any new sizing will be announced along with the release of the essentials collection that includes the OG PUNX TEES and HOODIES and as well as the DESTROY TEE.IMAGE : @dripgodq in the WHITE : OG PUNX TEE COLLABORATIONS :We haven't dropped a collab in some months, since the release of the VLAD tee with the amazing Rokkstar Nova, but don't think we haven't been working on any. We have two new rap based collaborations releasing in November, the first being with Cleveland rapper Freshie (@yeahfreshie) and the second being our third shirt with New York based rapper Rokkstar Nova (@rokkstarnovaaa). Both of these collaborations will be primarily t-shirts in both black and white colorways with both front and back print as well, both of which being designed in style with approval of the artists. A portion of the profit goes to and the rest of the artist so when you purchase these collabs you're supporting everyone involved. More information and content regarding these collaborations are soon coming.IMAGE : Freshie (@yeahfreshie) in custom DESTROY TEE NEW PROJECTS / COLLECTIONS :The next PUNX! by collection is 003 as mentioned a number of different times previously. This collection like our others will follow the same theme of Sex, Drugs, Mortality and Music but this time taking a different more direct reference ans story telling approach to the products that we create. 003 will feature more accessories similar to the PUNX! Logo chain that was recently previewed, as well as a wide variety of designs yet still relying on the simplicity that is PUNX!. Currently 003 is set to release in 2022 and will be released in a much different manner than our previous collections. Following the release of 003 there will be no restocks on previous collections other than products that are listed under brand essentials. However, before the release of 003 there will be a few different release of old and popular products such as, DEADHEAD TEE, SUGAR DADDY TEE, TOUCH ME I'M SICK TEE, SIDE GIMP TEE, DESTROY GIMP TEE and potentially a few others depending on how nice we feel. These releases will still remain limited.Don't want to spoil anything for the upcoming work but we are approaching the sampling stage for the first and currently untitled runway collection. Many of the items that will be shown in the show may not ever even appear for sale but those that do will either be a 1 of 1 or pre order until we have the means to do wider releases of the products that will be featured on the runway this spring. That's all that will be said about the runway collection for the time being.IMAGE : 003 LEAK MUSIC : Just like many of you, we are always on the lookout for new and undiscovered music to listen to before anyone else finds it, and this was a successful week for discovering new music. Below are some of our top picks for new music and hot finds, check it out.New Drank- LuckiAll new youtube exclusives posted by Lucki’s exclusive video director LONEWOLF (@whylonewolf). Produced by Flansie, New Drank is the ultimate tease to Lucki’s album produced by F1lthy (@wakeupf1lthy), titled Wake Up Lucki. Tune is back and better than ever, this song like many of his others is a drug inspired story of heartbreak but this time Lucki is deep in his own feelings. Surrounded by temptation and mooches, Tune is thinking out loud about his life. Lyrically this is one of Luckis best songs and you can see how comfortable Lucki is talking to his cult following about his feelings via his music. Lucki is a fool for love and we have seen him talk about this time and time again but he is getting older now and things are changing. Tune makes it clear he is just about to cross the line and go completely solo, he's done with the women, the rats, everything. He's inspired again, he's working and you'll definitely be hearing about him again. This song is guaranteed to put you in a trance and you're a fool if you don't go binge this song full of l insta captions. Hldmyhnd- Destroy LonelyJust like the rest of Opium label Destroy Lonely is wildly unpredictable, dropping singles and EP’s at random exclusively on his S. Days could pass before you release he has new music out if you aren't paying very close attention. Lonely is one of our current favorites and we even used his song Oh Yeah off of his album Broken Heart (</3)  in our Collection 002 promo video. If you haven't already been put onto Carti’s muse and upcoming opium artist then now is your chance. Lieutenant- Pasto Flocco Of all the songs we have picked this is the only one that didn't drop this week but man is this a good one. Pasto Flocco, who is currently on tour with Lucki, teamed up with evilgiane of Surfgang to release an absolute hit. Lieutenant is off of Flooco’s latest album “Disturbing The Peace” which was released in S and is slowly rising to the top of his most popular songs yet still under 100k streams on S. The dark melodic vocals from Flocco paired with the money counter tag and deep bass of evilgiane makes you feel like you're under a spell when you listen. Pasto Flocco is hungry, versatile and very talented. You better check him out before you're late to the wave.The Old Lil Kim- BoofPaxkMookyMooky is known to make some of the best d trap music and his latest single The Old Lil Kim is a perfect example. This song is a rollercoaster of moods and different vocal styles from Mooky. In this song, Mooky sings and flows over a very simplistic b beat while talking about everything his fast paced lifestyle entails. Mooky has the ability to do literally anything he wants and we can't wait to see what he can do next THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU ALL !!! -


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