Written by: Carter Hockin


“My life is a style, this ain't no lifestyle”

    Over the past few months Freshie has become a house favorite in the underground. His in your face style grabs your attention and he keeps it with clever bars and insane beats. One of the best new artists we have heard out of Cleveland in a very long time. Due to the fact that his sound is very different from most people in the scene right now.

    The singles leading up to this album were very enjoyable for all of us. We specifically liked Bad Habits! coming off the 3 track EP, “Sorry 4 the Dirt”  that dropped a day after Christmas 2021. We also really enjoyed Yoppas! which dropped around a month before the EP. I often find myself walking around campus saying “Two cups in my hand they like what the fuck you drivin for” more than I’d like to admit. This just shows the replay value of Freshies music.

    Leading up to this album's release the team came to Freshie’s headlining show at Double Happiness. The night was presented by Wasted and Sedated and had many good opening acts but Freshie absolutely stole the show. The way he controlled the crowd was amazing. He is a rockstar and he knows it, and his fans know it too. After the concert we had a chance to hang with him and his team in the VIP section where he told us about how much he loves making music and always has. We also got a chance to meet the leader of his creative team, Ashton Peck (@ashton_peck), who has some awesome photo and video edits that are definitely worth checking out, Ashton also did the album cover art for dirtyBOY!.

    The rollout for this album created a lot of hype, and it sure as hell followed up. The artwork really captures the rockstar essence talked about earlier and the music itself makes you feel like you are crowd surfing with him. Freshie starts this album off with Spill! which is a huge highlight for me personally. Starting with menacing horns and bringing in rolling Hi-Hats. This track is produced by 808 Demon (808demon) and you won't forget it due to the repetitive and scary 808 Demon producer tag. Freshie states proudly throughout that he is “Hard to Kill ' along with talking about his ambitious and drug-filled lifestyle.'. This song was easily a personal favorite on the project but there were many other highlights of this project.

    Another great track is nothing! aboutIT! this track is repetitive in the best way possible. The flow is very addictive and it is a great song to turn up to.

    The most notable highlight off the album is the second single titled midnightCLUB! featuring none other than Canton native Trippie Redd. This song is perfect for a late night drive on the highway. It is melodic but keeps the energy and pace of the album. I really enjoy the chorus by Trippie and Freshie definitely delivers on his verse, no question as to whether or not Freshie can keep up with these high profile, big name artists, hopefully soon we see more work from Freshie and the 1400/800 artists like K Suave from Akron.

    Overall, this was definitely Freshies most cohesive and interesting project to date. I thoroughly enjoyed this and keep coming back to it after a number of listens. The energy he brings to his music is just a tribute to how much he loves what he does. As he continues to blow up his music just keeps progressing.

    Be sure to check out the first DIRTY PUNX collab and be on the lookout for more collaborations with Freshie and his team in the very near future. Till then stream the hell outta this project because it is for sure worth a listen. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for new shit coming from PUNX and NO FUTURE MEDIA this summer.

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