The punks gave lots of love to the DFTK story post so we decided to come back with another album review for Yung Kayo's debut studio album. We were very excited when this was announced to drop and it’s safe to say he did not disappoint. We really enjoy Kayo because he brings something fresh to the YSL label. 

Kayo sticks to his own sound while still incorporating new flows in every song. The best word to describe this album is energy. Front to back this album is full of very fun energy. He incorporates slow melodies in some songs while still keeping the same delivery. We really enjoyed the spacey production from Warpstr who Kayo has been working with for about 3-4 years now. You can tell they have good chemistry together because every beat fits perfectly with his flow and delivery. It is mixed perfectly and you can tell this was not rushed. 

Rarely do you see an artist deliver leaks on an album as well as Kayo did on DFTK. With iPic especially, Kayo teased the song in 2019 to his fans via a snippet of the music video on his Instagram. Oftentimes, we will see artists leak a song that is unfinished, get lots of love on it, then force the song release. You can't say the same for Kayo.

Kayo said himself in an interview with Our Generation Music “this album was for the fans”, he really showed his versatility and made all of us want to hear more of him.

After countless listens through this album I really don’t have many complaints at all. I could’ve used some different features or maybe even no features at all because Kayo carried in every song with a feature. This album to us is a must listen, if you haven’t heard of Kayo by now you will very soon because he is about to blow up. Hopefully, we can catch him on tour this year if he announces one. 

Highlights :

  • Amazing production 
  • High energy
  • Extremely consistent 

Lowpoints :

  • Features

Favorite tracks :

  • iPic
  • believer
  •  who you gon call

Misses :

  • over

written by Carter Hockin

@carterhockin on ig

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